Al's Book Club | The Searcher By Tana French

Introducing a new event at Sunday Blooms, Al's Book Club!

Our owner, Al, is stepping into the world of literary exploration by launching her very own book club! She recognizes the immense value of reading and thoughtful discussion and wants to share that with all of you!

This session will be Monday April 15th at 6:30pm.

*Note* This ticket is only valid for one session! A different book will be chosen every month, so please be sure to keep signing up monthly! 


This Month's Book is "The Searcher" by Tana French.

About the Book:

In the tranquil expanse of rural Ireland, retired detective Cal Hooper seeks refuge from his past. Nestled in a remote village, he intends to refurbish his newly acquired cottage, relishing the quietude of the countryside and leaving behind the tumult of his former life in law enforcement.

However, serenity eludes him when a local boy implores his assistance. His brother has vanished, yet apathy pervades the village, including its law enforcement. Stirred by familiar instincts, Cal finds himself compelled to investigate.

As he delves into the enigmatic fabric of the community, Cal uncovers unsettling truths lurking beneath the idyllic surface. Despite his intentions to leave his detective days behind, a pervasive sense of unease propels him forward, determined to unearth the darkness cloaked within the village's facade, even if it means inviting trouble to his doorstep.


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  • $10.00