SUMMER BOY | Barre Fragrance 15 ml

SUMMERBOY | Barre Fragrance

She felt attractive like the man with the open face
searching to feel grounded
in the sideways light
always looking for shade
resting here, if only for a moment.

Notes: wildflowers, sweetgrass, sunscreen, smoke, incense

Alcohol, Fragrance, Essential oils

This perfume is made in small batches, please allow 2-3 weeks for shipment.

“Think of sweat combined with beads of oily body glitter, sunscreen, lupins on the side of the road, hot cars and warm air conditioner, melted chapstick, squeaky inflatables, and more… sweet and nostalgic like a summer fling.” – Marissa Sean Cruz


BARRE is a collection of fine fragrances created by visual artist Bree Hyland. Each scent extends from the desire to create unique aromas for any season and changeable mood. Perfume is a way to create a personal aura, wearable art, a signature that can ignite lust, attraction, magic and mystery. What could be better?

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