4" Assorted Ferns

Growing most ferns isn't difficult—certainly no more difficult than keeping orchids alive. There are just a few basic pointers you need to follow to have success with most of the common houseplant ferns available.

None of the popular household ferns can tolerate dry conditions for long. Their fronds will quickly turn brown, and they will begin to drop leaves. Mist your ferns as often as practical, preferably in the morning. Stand the pot on a tray of pebbles or clay granules and keep those wet. This increases the humidity around the plant without keeping the roots soggy. Another option is to keep your ferns in the bathroom, which will usually be the most humid room of your home.

Make sure your ferns are well hydrated. Touch the soil and water your fern if the top feels dry. However, a word of caution: unless it's a bog fern, don't let your fern sit in water. Keep it damp, not soggy.

Our fern variety varies from our suppliers and therefore you will receive a fern from our selection. Let us know in the order notes at checkout if you would like a specific variety and we will do our best!

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