Ceramic Cruet Extra Virgin Green Olive Oil - La Belle Excuse

This beautiful Olive Oil is made of the green olives of Koroneïki, which are picked young in late November and pressed the same day. Thanks to its climate and the richness of its soil, the Trifilia region produces exceptional olive oil that give a special flavor, with less than 0.3% acidity. This unfiltered oil is naturally decanted for two months, which eliminates any harmful residue during cooking. LA BELLE EXCUSE  offers a green extra virgin olive oil worthy of a great vintage, which lends itself to many uses.

CHARACTERISTICS: Green color with golden highlights, clear and strong olive and greenery aromas, light peppery taste.

500ml With Pourer

USE: It’s all about taste!

This Belle Excuse adds a refined touch to any cooking, enhance the flavour of fish, grilled meats, salads, pasta, vegetables or sauté.

NOTE: Gluten Free