King Pillow

The King Pillow is a double-pom lumbar pillow that will bring a unique, stylish luxeness to your space. It has a subtle, repeating, square-shaped texture, which shouts out to a high-quality waffle towel fabric but with much more shallow waffle pools, and with a significantly denser weave. Interesting and beautiful hand feel, a great texture to add to your collection. The King Pillow is very well made, with a discrete pull zipper closure, and a tassled Turkish vibe. The King Pillow comes with a poly pillow fill, and is available to be sent without the fill if preferable.

    • Size: 12"W x 20"L w/ 12" x 20" fill


    • Colour:  Charcoal

    • Composition: 94% cotton 6% linen

    • Care: Cold, delicate machine wash, hang to dry

  • Origin: Made in Made in Turkey