Classic Green Tea Caddy

 A classic Chinese green tea featuring sweet and delicate grassy notes with a honeyed linger and smooth finish. This tin is filled with 100 grams whole leaf loose leaf tea, sealed tight with an airtight plug and lid.

China green tea
100 grams
Savour straight
1 tsp. per 350ml H2O
3 minutes
About Sloan:
Hand Blended in Small Batches.
Tea Sourced directly from tea gardens. 

We are dedicated to bringing you the pinnacle of quality. Our direct trade relationship with farmers in producing regions gives you access to the season’s best crops and freshest ingredients while ensuring the quality and sustainability of our supply chain. We bypass the many layers of transaction that tea usually undergoes and minimize the time it takes to get the tea from the garden directly to you, to go from “crop to cup”.