Latte Scrunchie | Mimi & August

Say hello to this fabulous Fabric Scrap Fun Hair Scrunchie! In the wild world of fashion, fabric scraps are like confetti at a party - they're everywhere! But guess what? Mimi & August are turning those colorful bits and pieces into something marvelous. Introducing the gorgeous hair scrunchie, born from the lively scraps of clothing fabrics.

Instead of tossing clothing scraps aside, they've transformed them into a scrunchie that's bursting with character and style. It's a fun twist on fashion sustainability - because every scrap deserves a shot at stardom!

Get ready to rock a scrunchie that's not just fashionable, but environmentally friendly too. Join us in giving these fabric scraps a second life, one scrunchie at a time.

High quality scrunchies.

Fit all hair styles.

Made in Montreal and Peru.