Pine + Cedar Bark | Linen Water

Pine + cedar bark 

For a moment, you find yourself through the vastness of the century-old cedars and pines of our canadian forests. These cool, damp and dark places. You find your vitality within these aromatic and rustic forests — the leaves, wild berries and magnificent firs.

Top notes: quince, eucalyptus, winter berries

Middle notes: elemi, clove bud, green foliage

Base notes: hinoki, musk, incense, sandalwood, oakmoss, fir needle, cedarwood

Why we love it:

-Vegan and without animal cruelty

-Made from 98.9% natural ingredients

-Made in canada

-Non-gmo and parabens-free

-Helps to space out delicate fabrics laundering

Use Spray the linen water on all your fabrics, wet or dry: sheets, curtains, sofas, carpets, pet beds, clothes, etc. It can also be added to clothes before putting them in the dryer or to clothes in drawers that need refreshment.