Pink Oyster Mushroom Grow-At-Home Kit • Foragers Galley

Pink oyster (Pleurotus Djamor)

Flavour/texture: Umami, fishy, meaty, slightly chewy

The Pink Oyster Mushrooms exhibit a stunning vibrancy, making them a captivating variety within the oyster family. When cultivated, they form clusters that resemble a delightful bouquet. These mushrooms boast a unique flavour profile, often described as meaty, accompanied by a subtle fish-like aroma prior to cooking. When fried, they can serve as a popular substitute for bacon. It is essential to carefully time the harvest of Pink Oysters, as their shelf life is relatively short, lasting only 48-72 hours. Embracing their beauty and savouring their flavours promptly is crucial to fully appreciate this remarkable variety.

Foragers Galley designed this kit with the beginner home grower in mind. Everything you need is included, no special equipment or prior knowledge is necessary.

Kit includes:

- Myceliated substrate block

- Humidity tent

- Spray bottle

- Detailed instructions