Reed Diffuser | Almond + Spices

Almond & Spices —

As we take a sip of our comforting beverage, we savor every moment: the notes of almonds and pumpkins reviving our taste buds, the sun illuminating our passage through the colorful leaves of the trees, the city coming to life.

Top notes: Warm Almond Milk, Clove Buds, Cinnamon Sugar

Middle notes: Sweet Pumpkin Butter, Whipped Latte Mousse

Base notes: Creamy Tonka Bean, Hot Milk, Vanilla Extract

Remove the cap from the bottle. Insert the 6 sticks (one at a time) into the container to soak up the fragrance and place in a small to medium room. For best results, invert the sticks upside down once a week and replace them once a month or as needed.

  • $34.00