Sunday Blooms Winter Planters

Let the magic of the holiday season unfold with Sunday Blooms' Winter Planters. Our designers infuse each of these planters with their creative flair, incorporating a harmonious blend of seasonal foliage, fragrant greens, and carefully selected adornments, that evoke the spirit of the winter season.

A 2-3 day turnaround time is required and we can deliver locally, or have your wreath ready for store pick up!

Small Insert Diameter: 7"

Large Insert Diameter: 9"

For those seeking a more personalized touch, our design experts are just a phone call away. Stop by our shop or give us a call to request a custom planter tailored to your specific preferences, ensuring that your holiday decor is as unique as you are.

*Please note that design substitutions may occur as our seasonal availability changes.

  • $145.00