Tigers | Notebook Set

Seedlings notebook sets feature plantable seed paper packaging made up of 100% non-invasive plant species. Sold in a set of two distinctive notebooks, one lined and one blank for full creative freedom.*


*discounted due to slight damage on spine.

  • 1 blank + 1 lined

  • Size: 6” x 8"

  • 64 pages

  • Full-color liners

  • Foil details

  • Packaging: seed paper

  • Made in the U.S.A.

About Seedlings:

Four score and twenty five years ago, three sisters set out on a mission to conquer the world, one coaster at a time. No, but seriously. Legacy Publishing Group sprung into life back in 1993 to create a line of paper products that would be affordable yet beautiful and have since become a leader in the social expressions industry (impressive, right?). From making coasters in their dad's warehouse to selling products internationally, we think it's fair to say...they're killing it. But why stop there?

Enter Seedlings — a new boutique stationery line. All in all, we believe that the world is still filled with paper nerds like us. Nerds that think snail mail is best mail and that paper is here to stay.